What is good about DOG HOGGLER’s policy is that they really listen to the fan community when it comes to making their beast brawler called Beast Battle Simulator even better. They asked Steam users to share their ideas about the desired upgrades and promised to include them into the game via the upcoming patches and DLCs. The most interesting updates that may be eventually added to the game are all gathered here.

People basically want to see more new units. Right now you can choose among dinosaurs and unicorns and everything in between. But it seems that 30 various beasts, each with unique parameters, are still not enough. Also, getting more achievements could be awesome to get because the current unlockables are hilarious and interesting to receive. Gamers love collecting stuff, especially in such silly and plot-free game. More team colors and the ability to choose them individually rather than a set for all units in the team is another popular request among fans of BBS. This may seem a very small detail but it will be appreciated a lot. Surely, more maps for Sandbox and arenas with new tasks for Challenges are expected. Environmental effects like volcano eruptions, thunderstorms, snowfalls are also in the list of update suggestions. Getting more realistic animation and more mutilation cut scenes would make BBS even more epic as well. Let’s hope the developers will add all these features soon enough.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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