Beast Battle Simulator for PC


Battle simulators are getting no less popular than first-person shooters and MOBAs on Steam. Multiple options of animals and beasts that you can use as soldiers in massive armies lead to experiencing absurd and interesting battles. When it comes to basics, Beast Battle Simulator works pretty much the same just like any other Battle simulator – only with beasts. Giant aggressive beasts with laser guns and rocket launchers. And each of these beasts along with his fellows is ready to fight till death to get the title The Animal King. That is where the main secret of BBS is hidden – unlike many indie brawlers, it is very versatile when it comes to the choice of your units and different game modes to play.

Imagine 30 giraffes with rocket launchers and 50 donkeys marching forward with one single desire: to destroy everything that they see on their way. Their enemy is a gruesome army of 300 unicorns and a gorilla in a tank. All of them are waiting for the giraffe horde to get closer. The first line of giraffes crashes 50 unicorns with the pieces of their rainbow meat all over the map. Each giraffe kills dozens of unicorns but the new ones are keep coming. Besides that gorilla in a tank is a real pain in the certain place. Who will win?

This is Beast Battle Simulator at its best. It’s not really a game in a usual meaning of this word. It is rather a battlefield where animals with weapons kill each other for your entertainment. BBS sometimes looks the popular Garry’s Mode with the only difference is that you can play only with beasts and a limited number of weapons from the in-game arsenal.

It is fair to say that BBS has not many units compared to games likes Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator. However, it will run even on weak PCs unless you decide to lead two armies with the maximum amount of units. Even the fans agree that right now graphics is much inferior compared to the high-budget project and the interface is too overloaded. Other small bugs and lags can be tolerated and, more importantly, they are fixed by very friendly developers who socialize with fans a lot. BBS may seem as the game for one evening, but you will be surprised how engaging its gameplay can be.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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