Funny moments


Beast Battle Simulator is a funny and popular game, the gaming process of which focuses on gathering your troops with animals and beasts against one another. However, this game really stands out when it comes to Soccer mode. Can you believe that the developers let you play a soccer match between penguins in bomb vests and T-Rexes with unicorns? Insane& Yes. Funny? You bet.

According to many user reviews, Soccer mode is, by far, the best feature of Beast Battle Simulator. The tournaments with budget limits and more development time would really do this mode some justice. Prices for units for soccer for balance is not yet supported and will be much appreciated as well. Units like gazelle, ostrich and lion act very accurately. They run quickly by moving and certainly yielding the better results than units like stegos or even wolves. Units like the Compy are also a must have in your team, since they are both very quick and cheap. Also, they aren’t ridiculously inaccurate as the rest of 30 animals. However, the unpredictable movements of the units paired with the silly physics keeps Beast Battle Simulator’s Soccer mode very entertaining, not to mention intense. The smaller map and tighter budgets make for more entertaining games. This mode is the best to play over Skype with friends, with screen sharing. Try – you won’t regret.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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