Beast Battle Simulator


First and foremost, you should try this game because it is the only interesting project among free animal brawlers on PC where you can see what will happen if 400 gorillas in tanks meet 400 T-rexes with mini-guns.

Secondly, this is a very positive game that doesn’t take anything seriously. You are to play it with the same approach – no prejudices or bad feelings. Play as a general who leads his unusual armies of beasts. After pressing “Start” you simply lay back and watch who will survive in this meat grinder. You can even bet who wil win and drink each time the unit from your army dies. This game is awesome for playing with friends, especially on a Friday night when everyone is chilling.

Thirdly, Beast Battle Simulator is a hilarious and short game to have a nice distraction from AAA projects or more complicated indie games. If you are persistent enough you can beat all challenges in a few days, but that’s not the main focus of this game. The funniest mode is Sandbox, where you can pit all kinds of animals against each other, without any limits or missions. The physics and AI may seem a bit weird, resulting in the animals mainly attacking each other by bumping into one another, even the predators don’t bite. BBS is not in any way realistic, but absolutely crazy to play. And by attaching the weapons to animals you can certainly enhance your degree of in-game madness. Seeing seagulls carrying mini nukes attached to their little feet is amazing, even if you are a person who smiles a lot. Watching a swarm of penguins destroying a huge elephant is the 2nd best thing in BBS. More maps for Sandbox are expected and it will be great to test them all when the new locations appear. The fans already create their own units and maps you can try playing here.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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