Best Battle Simulator 2017


Most gamers honestly believe think that most indie developers right now create the similar games, over and over again (we look at you Survival/Sandbox genre on Steam). And if you are an experienced player who has already played numerous sandbox games and think that new projects can’t surprise you, Beast Battle Simulator will make you believe that creativity still exists in the rows of indie developers.

Let’s take a challenge and describe the meaning of Best Battle Simulator 2017 in one paragraph. If you are curious what is going to happen if to let the bunch of polar bears to play soccer with a team of boxing kangaroos till death, or if equip a T-Rex with lasers/flamethrowers/mini-guns (insert what you like the best) and command it to shoot pigs, or make penguins wear bomb vests and let them die while beating lions, then this game is what you need to test all these theories. It is fan-favorite, trash in a good kind of way game that may take a few days straight of your time. It is also very competitive and challenging for hardcore gamers who like to go through difficult missions. Seeing is believing, so try the free version of BBS right now! And you can create thousands of memes from your gameplay videos and screenshots.

Also the game can boast the deadly version of soccer, with achievements for getting various weapons, with a competitive mode (where you need to gather an army of certain beasts to complete the tasks given by developers). Lead the beasts to the blood bath that will return into a curious kid again who used to gather armies of different toys and role-playing different scenarios. Diversity and the most creative approach to creating animal battles, that’s what motivates to record your gameplay. You can always boast an unusual battle you invented and how it eventually has been done and with what result. Indie gaming projects that give such an opportunity are very few at the market.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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