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Beast Battle Simulator game play online

Searching for a really unique concept of a sandbox? Tired of realistic survival games like PUBG? Bored to beat your friends in Overwatch? Then relax and download the most insane game ever released – Beast Battle Simulator (BBS) from the team of DOG HOGGLER. This hilarious brawler based on real physics allows pitting beasts like gorillas, triceratops, T-rexes, lions, pigs, bears and many other animals – the list is very long and multiple combos can be tested. It is not necessary to create your army only of one type of in-game beasts. Though you will have to follow a budget (especially in Challenges), only the sky is your limit here. BBS is your way to fulfill the childhood dreams when you were thinking who is cooler – dinos or elephants? It is a high time to find out.

What can you do in BBS?

Basically, when you launch Beast Battle Simulator, you have three options. Challenges is a sort of a campaign here, where you need to follow certain rules. Like creating an army of enormous dinosaurs with rocket launchers and make them fight real bears with lasers and guns. The difficulty of this mode is that you have a limited budget and can’t choose your warriors. You can, however, think over the strategy that can lead your army to success – that is completely up to players. The main goal is to win at any cost, even if only one, barely breathing beast remains in the end – it should be the fighter from your army. And sometimes achieving this goal is hard as hell.

If you are a not big fan of Challenges you can go to Sandbox with more than 20 locations to explore. They may seem kind re-skin maps, to be honest, but, as a huge bonus in this mode, you can feel as a sci-fi author who creates the craziest armies with different beasts and weapons to see who is more powerful and stronger. Or you can become a referee in an ultimate soccer match between T-rexes and zebras! And leave the mini-guns in a game – dirty tricks are more than welcome! By the way, since the 26th of August, you can add tanks to your armies. Mike drop, everyone! Officially this game became even better.

Do you want to know how an average battle looks like in BBS? Let’s assume, you always wanted to understand who fight better – giraffes or zebras. Your King of the Jungle is easy to figure out. Equip zebras with flamethrowers and let giraffes wear TNT. Giraffes may seem very slow, but wait until they start throwing that TNT – zebras have no chance at all. They will be gruesomely decapitated, splattered and mutilated. Let’s hope, you have a strong stomach. Restore the natural balance just like that!

Official information about Beast Battle Simulator

The game was released on Steam at the end of August, 2017. The authors from the infamous DOG HOGGLER studio who became popular thanks to Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator, where different armies of popular characters like Vikings, Chuck Norris and fantasy creatures could beat each other, developed another interesting project. This time it is an animal brawler where you can expect over 30 challenges, soccer mode and sandbox gameplay. On this website you can download and play online the latest version of BBS, upcoming updates, modes, cheats, secrets, and guides. Make sure to visit regularly to catch up the latest BBS related updates!