Battle Beast Simulator is an awesome physics stimulated brawler where you can battle for or against dinosaurs, bears, cows, zebras and more than 30 different animals of different size and with various abilities. You can equip your animal army with weapons like flamethrowers, bomb vests, and mini-guns, testing quality over quantity and vise versa. Imagination is your only limit when it comes to this gore indie project. Just keep in mind that the game is kind of cruel because you will see beasts losing limbs and other body parts during gruesome battles. Also, you can try playing Soccer pitting the beast teams against one another. For those who search for a single player campaign there are more than 30 crazy Challenges you need to beat to earn more in-game currency.

Though Battle Beast Simulator is still in an early stage of development with only a few updates, there is more than enough content to keep you playing. If you’ve tried playing the game that inspired this project – Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator – you know that the developers will keep on releasing the new updates or else their game will lose its fun soon. And compared to UEBS, BBS game runs smoothly, unless you start doing 400-vs-400 battles. Also, it is much funnier and has more options to choose from compared to UEBS.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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