BBS for Android


Beast Battle Simulator for Android is different from Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator or similar project thanks to its innovative mode of Challenges. As soon as you launch the game, you will be offered to choose among 30 challenges. They vary drastically – from destroying the pyramids made of lizards, an epic soccer match against giant dinosaurs, a glorious battle versus The King of All Penguins, etc. and etc. Each challenge is one of a kind and will make you giggle like a little child while you think how to fulfill it.  Ultimately, there are 30 challenges to beat and the fund for each army that you can create here is limited. So, you have to think like a strategist and act smart to win with minimal losses of money and units.

The gamers who prefer this mode are obliged to create the army to beat the certain kind of enemy – a huge single boss or an angry, well-equipped herd of beasts. As for the money limit, players must spend only the certain amount of dollars, spending them very carefully. You see, the reality of BBS is very simple – a pig costs $100, while T-Rex is about $1,700. For example, the first challenge is to gather any army using only $1,500 to beat the flock of mad seagulls. The second round challenges with a task to conquer a single T-Rex with secret weapon by means of the army consisting only of pigs and you will already have $20, 000. It goes on and on, getting more insane with each round. Don’t be afraid – all challenges in BBS are funny and crazy. Go and try right now!


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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