BBS Simulator


Challenges is what makes BBS Simulator unique, while sandbox makes it funny. Simple as that. This mode that will never limit your fantasies, you can create any army of available beasts. Sandbox mode is very easy to explain – you just do whatever you want here. The only rule here is to prepare two different herds or flocks of animals to the battle. Each team can consist of 400 or less units (depending on the system requirements of your PC). Be careful – if you play 400 units versus 40 units, fps may drop to 10 or you will have lags. Make sure that your PC is ready for the crazy Sandbox mode of Beast Battle Simulator before buying units at maximum.

The fan-favorite feature of Sandbox mode in BBS is that you can choose Attacks and Defense parameters for each unit of both armies. The latest update also allows to create unique units – for example, a puppy with superpowers or the pig who is trained to be a ninja. This gaming mode is surely not new or unique, but it is funny to play anyway.


  • Walk around, look
  • Jump, shoot, click on

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